Our Driving School

Our extensive training programs and up to date educational materials familiarize first-time drivers with typical road traffic situations, and provide them with rigorous safety instructions to prepare them for a possible emergency. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy

24 hours notice must be provided if a student is unable to drive during his/her scheduled time. If 24 hours notice is not given there will be a $45.00 cancellation fee. This fee must be paid before the next scheduled drive in order to continue the drives.

Behavior Requirements

Pyke’s Driving Academy thrives on the success of our students.  To obtain a high success rate, we prohibit cheating, fighting, tardiness, disrespectfulness, stealing, or any other discipline problems. Pyke’s Driving Academy also prohibits the use of electronic communication devices in the classroom and during testing.  If a student violates the behavior policy, the student may be expelled and forfeit for the full course amount, no refunds, no exceptions. Should a student be expelled they may enroll in a future class at full course expense.

Absence, Rescheduling and Grading Policy

If a student is absent from classroom instruction the student must make-up the missed time during future classes. All make-up classes shall be scheduled by the course instructor.  Louisiana requires that students pass all tests and the overall course with a minimum 80%.

Driving Requirements

After successful completion of the classroom instruction, students must complete 8 hours of behind the wheel driving with a minimum passing grade of 70%.  Drive times will be scheduled between the student and instructor with each driving session lasting 2 hours.  Week day and weekend drive times are available.  All driving sessions are conditioned upon the weather.  Should a student need to cancel a drive session, a 24 hour notice is required.  Should a student fail to provide a 24 hour notice a $45.00 cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee must be paid prior to the next scheduled drive in order to continue the drives.  Once the student has completed 8 hours of drive time, each student will receive an evaluation sheet and a completion certificate. The original certificate will be provided to the Department of Motor Vehicles and one copy shall be provided to the parents for their records. Should a student need a replacement certificate, a fee of $10.00 will be charged.



Parental Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to determine the readiness of the teen to begin the driving process.  Beginning the date the teen receives his/her learner's permit, the parent/legal guardian shall supervise the teen's driving to determine the readiness of the teen to advance to the next licensing stage.  Each teen is required (50) hours supervised practice driving including (15) hours night time practice starting the date the teen receives his/her learner's permit.  

Miscellaneous Information for Parents/Guardians/Students

Completion of a course does not guarantee that the student will receive a driver’s license, permit, or certificate of completion.

For students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties, please notify our office upon registration/enrollment by indicating same on the Registration Form.  


Any grievance(s) not resolved by the school may be forwarded to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Public Safety Services, Office of Motor Vehicles, Attn.: Training and Certification Unit, P.O. Box 64886, Baton Rouge, LA, 70896-4886.

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Courses Offered

38 Hour Course


14 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (Pre-registration required)


(8) Hour Behind the Wheel Driving


(4) & (6) Hour Defensive Driving Courses (Pre-registration required)


DMV Road Skills Testing


Additional Driving Instructions

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