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LA Guide Class D & E
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Obtaining a Learner's Permit
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Obtaining an Intermediate License
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Obtaining a first time driver's license
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Fee for obtaining a driver's license
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Q.  How many questions are on the written test?
A. The written test includes 40 questions covering a combination of the rules of the road, Louisiana driver's license regulations, and road signs. You must score 80% to pass.
Q.  Do I need to schedule an appointment for the driving skills test? What are the requirements for the vehicle used?
A.  Road skills test for Class D & E are provided at OMV office locations and through certified third party testers. In order for OMV to administer the skills test, you must present a vehicle with a current safety inspection sticker, current license plate validation sticker, current certificate of registration and proof of current liability insurance. NOTE: Road tests are not given by OMV in inclement weather. There is a charge for certified third party testers to administer the test. The cost may be up to $40.00. If you do not own a vehicle, a third party tester may rent a vehicle to you at an additional cost to take the driving skills test. Third party testers can administer the test in inclement weather and at your convenience. Regardless of who administers the test, if your vehicle is used, a vehicle inspection will be performed prior to the administration of the test to ensure all safety features on the vehicle are working. Headlights, blinkers, tail lights, brake lights, mirrors, tires, horn and windshield wipers will be inspected. 

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